Call of Duty 4 Mods

XO Mod

This is a mod I made for Call of Duty 4. There are a number of small (customisable using dvars) changes including:
- Ability to stop claymores and C4 disappearing when players respawn.
- Ability to set maximum number of claymores and C4 that can be placed at once (per player).
- Ability to remove the lasers emitted from claymores.
- Ability to remove the 'KILL' icon floating above an enemy bomb carrier in sabotage.
- Ability to set the number of streak kills needed to attain a UAV, Air Strike and Helicopter.

The main additions include:
- Capture the Flag gametype.
- Capture the Flag - One Flag gametype.
- Capture and Hold gametype.
- Capture and Hold - One Flag gametype.

Click here to download the XO Mod Source Code. (Requires WinRAR)

(Click to view full image)

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